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I'm Jagadeesh Chunduri, a passionate & professional Web Developer, UI/UX designer & Freelancer based in Andhra Pradesh, India. I'm the founder of JC Web Technologies, a start-up to help people and business establish their online presence with ease.

My, Myself & I

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer with over 7 years of experience. Interested in entire Web Development spectrum and working on creative projects with positive people, they are new experiences.

Problem solver, Well organised & Independent person with high attention to detail. Fan of Pokémon, Mobile games, Outdoor activities & TV Series.

  • Name: Jagadeesh Chunduri

  • Age: 20's person

  • Location: Repalle, India

  • Graduation: B.Tech

  • Social Media: Available

  • Developer | Systems Engineer

    Working passionately on design, integration and management of complex systems by applying efficient design principles & patterns in Java paired with SQL and Spring.

  • JC Web Technologies
    ( 2015 — Today )


    Actively providing high quality and cost-effective offshore Web and Software development services to people and business striving to establish their online presence.

Web constantly changes. So I've always been exploring & learning latest Web technologies. Here is the tech stack that I'm mainly proficient in.



Cloud & VPS Management


I use HTML5 & CSS3 every day to design visually attractive Websites. I use JavaScript fairly often together with JQuery & JQuery UI for better User Experience.

My main server-side language is PHP, quite often paired with MySQL. Laravel is the PHP framework that I frequently use for back-end programming. I usually use WordPress, OpenCart for client websites, depending on requirements. For custom & unique requirement, I use Core & Advanced PHP with best design practices applied.

I specialize in Self-managed Cloud Unix servers to host and power client websites. I also work on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure & Heroku to build optimized and auto-scaling web applications.

Trust me! Thats not the end.


I work on and provide service for wide range of products & technologies in Web Development spectrum. I help ambitious people and business like yours striving for online presence with cost-effective and productive solutions.

  • Starts From

    $20 ( ₹1,500 )

    Web Design

    Everything goes online. Why not you? Personal, Business, E-Commerce, Enterprise - I can help you get started in to web with an eye-catchy, responsive & professional website to establish your online presence. Hire me!

  • Starts From

    $35 ( ₹2,600 )

    Web Hosting & Cloud Setup

    Have a Website designed already and ready to go online? I can set up Hosting / Cloud / Virtual Private Server to power your website to be accessible from anywhere in the world. Thanks to JC Web Technologies for secure web hosting services.

  • Starts From

    $20 ( ₹1,500 )

    Web Security

    Internet is Fragile! Security is the most important factor for a website. I can help secure your website with DDoS protection, Managed DNS, hardened Firewall (WAF), SSL Certificate and other best techniques out there.

My Works

I would love to share the works & projects that I did so far. But, it takes some time for me to add them here. Please stay tuned. You can always get in touch with me meanwhile.


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I'm Open for Freelancing, especially for creative or large projects. Please don't hesitate to use this form for other request or question to me.

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Repalle, AP, India - 522265


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